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Too Much Screen Time For Toddlers Lead To Mental Health Problems

Parents and carers might be inclined to cut back on the amount of screen time they allow children to have after scientists have revealed that too many hours spent on smartphones and tablets could lead to mental health problems later in life. San Diego State University psychologist Jean Twenge and University of Georgia psychology professor…

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Emotional Development ‘Most Important’ For Young Children

As children get ready to start school there will be a lot that they need to adapt to. Beginning this stage of their lives is great, but for parents it can be stressful, worrying about whether they’re ready and have got the right skills. Maureen Hemingway, Sheffield Council’s senior adviser for the early years, recently…

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Is There A Market For Children’s PTs?

If you’re looking for au pair vacancies there are a number of things you’ll be doing for the family you live with, although the primary focus is naturally looking after the children. However, one thing to consider is how you’ll keep the children you’re caring for fit and healthy – and given the rise in…

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Sugar Intake Increases By 500% Over Summer

The summer holidays are soon approaching, which means most parents will be worrying about childcare plans, frantically searching for au pair vacancies, and looking for activities to entertain their kids with for six weeks. However, they should also be concerned about their youngsters’ diets over the summer break, after a report found children consume five…

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