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How Do Your Kids Use Digital Devices?

There’s no escaping digital devices in this day and age. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and computers, we’re surrounded by technology and it’s being used in ever more areas of our lives. For parents it can be difficult to know how much their youngsters should be using digital devices, but the Times Educational Supplement…

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British Parents Fined £151m In Late Pick-Up Fees Over Year

Working parents all around the country will be familiar with the stress of trying to get to their children’s school on time so they are not late for pick-up. Not only do they not want their youngsters to be stuck waiting for them, but they are also desperate to avoid hefty late fees. According to…

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Free Activities For Kids This Summer

If you’re a parent who struggles with balancing work and keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays then you might be interested in working with an au pair agency in the UK to get a little hope with childcare. The Mirror gives some of their top fun free things you can do with kids…

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British Children Belong To Video-Gaming Generation

More and more kids classify their main hobby as playing video games, spending more than double the time they play outside indoors on their computer devices. Parents and those looking after children during the summer from an au pair agency in the UK might try to encourage youngsters to dust off their trainers and head…

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UK Train Travel Hacks you Need To Know

Working as an au pair for an agency in the UK will not only allow you to gain experience abroad, immersing yourself in the culture, but also the time to further explore the country with your downtime. Wherever you travel, deciphering a new public transport can be a little tricky, whether that’s down to a…

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