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What To Do In London In December

Those of you taking on jobs with a London au pair agency will no doubt be thinking up all sorts of fun ideas and activities to do with your young charges this winter… and with December just around the corner, there are all sorts of festive goings-on to enjoy. Here are just a couple that…

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Alternative Ideas For An Advent Calendar

With December just a couple of weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about how you can have some festive fun with the children you’re caring for. All too often, advent calendars mean that kids are simply given a piece of chocolate each day, which is a shame given how many creative options there are…

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Too Much Screen Time For Toddlers Lead To Mental Health Problems

Parents and carers might be inclined to cut back on the amount of screen time they allow children to have after scientists have revealed that too many hours spent on smartphones and tablets could lead to mental health problems later in life. San Diego State University psychologist Jean Twenge and University of Georgia psychology professor…

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British Parents Fined £151m In Late Pick-Up Fees Over Year

Working parents all around the country will be familiar with the stress of trying to get to their children’s school on time so they are not late for pick-up. Not only do they not want their youngsters to be stuck waiting for them, but they are also desperate to avoid hefty late fees. According to…

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