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Parents ‘Relieved’ School Is Starting

Many parents in the UK are looking forward to the end of the school holidays, a survey has found. In total, 82 per cent of those questioned stated that they’re looking forward to returning to more of a routine when September comes around. The Independent revealed that one in four of the parents they surveyed…

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Could Robots Influence Children In The Future?

Parents and those in au pair jobs are likely to be familiar with the concern that children could be negatively swayed by their peers. However, they should perhaps be more worried about the influence of robots instead. University of Plymouth researchers recently released a study entitled Science Robotics, which found that kids as young as…

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Is There A Market For Children’s PTs?

If you’re looking for au pair vacancies there are a number of things you’ll be doing for the family you live with, although the primary focus is naturally looking after the children. However, one thing to consider is how you’ll keep the children you’re caring for fit and healthy – and given the rise in…

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