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Govt Announces New Plans To Cut Childhood Obesity By Half

Parents and au pairs in the UK who look after children will certainly want to make sure the kids in their care are as healthy and active as possible, which is why many will be pleased the government is taking steps to curb the problem of obesity in children.   Earlier this week, health and…

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UK Train Travel Hacks you Need To Know

Working as an au pair for an agency in the UK will not only allow you to gain experience abroad, immersing yourself in the culture, but also the time to further explore the country with your downtime. Wherever you travel, deciphering a new public transport can be a little tricky, whether that’s down to a…

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Facebook Named As Worst Social Media Site For Childhood Bullying

Children are exposed to problems of online bullying in a way their parents never were, and the worst culprit for allowing youngsters to endure this intimidation has been found to be Facebook.   According to a NSPCC study that looked at 14 sites, apps and games, Facebook, YouTube and computer game Grand Theft Auto: San…

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