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Blogger Reveals Tips To Get Fussy Children To Eat Healthily

When you are in charge of looking after children, whether you are an au pair in the UK, nanny, grandparent or parent, one of your biggest jobs will be to make sure the kids eat well.   However, for many people, this is a huge challenge, as lots of youngsters are incredibly fussy when it…

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Would You Be An Au Pair On Your Gap Year?

After you leave school or college and are faced with a host of big decisions about your future, it’s understandable that you’d want to take some time out and work out the right path for you.   Many people take a gap year in their late teens or early 20s and it can be a…

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8 Summer Safety Tips For Au Pairs

Now that the weather is finally showing signs of improving, those in au pair jobs at the moment will no doubt be spending a lot more time outside with their young charges. And while it’s great to get a vitamin D boost, you do need to make sure you take extra precautions so the kids…

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