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New Mobile App To Help Au Pairs Make Friends

Advertising your services with an au pair agency is a great idea if you do want to find a placement with a family sooner rather than later – but if you get stationed somewhere far away where you don’t know anyone, it can be really rather daunting.   Which is why it’s so exciting to…

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Easter Baking Ideas

For au pairs working in the UK, it can be a fun challenge to come up with things to do with the children in your care – especially when there are public holidays or events that give you an obvious theme.   With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d look at a few…

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Jessica Alba Praises Her Children’s Nanny

It is rare that celebrities even admit to having a nanny, let alone come out to publicly praise them for their hard work and help. But this is just what Jessica Alba has done, with the actress taking to her Instagram account to extol the virtues of her child-minder.   Earlier this week, the Sin…

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Easter Activities Perfect For Children

Once your au pair agency has matched you up with the perfect family in the UK, it won’t be long before the school holidays come along and you’ll be needing to think up ideas to keep the kids entertained. The Evening Standard have some great suggestions of things you can do in London this Easter,…

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Should You Insist On A Contract As An Au Pair?

If you’re keen to spend a few years working as au pairs in the UK or elsewhere, you would certainly be wise to draft your own contract up to give to your host family so you know you’re protected in case something does go wrong.   It’s a good idea to make sure you include…

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