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The Au Pair scheme is a cultural exchange programme. It allows you to visit the United Kingdom, improve your English and learn about our culture, traditions and customs.

A host family are a family who:

  • Are looking for help with their day to day activities at home, including childcare and light housework. This may include ironing, taking children to school and helping them with homework, basic cooking for the children and playing with the children.
  • Will welcome you into their home as part of their family
  • Will in return provide you with your own room, food and pocket money, share their home, amenities and everyday life, and ensure that you are well looked after.
  • Will offer you help with finding an English language class so you can improve your English. Most families will offer a contribution to these classes.
    For more information from the Home Office UK Border Agency click here

Au Pair Requirements

  • You are between the ages of 17 to 27 years
  • You are single, not married and do not have any children or dependents
  • You have some experience of looking after children and doing housework
  • You can communicate in English - basic English is acceptable
  • You have a good state of physical and mental health that allows you to work with children
  • You have passed the high school final exams
  • You are willing to integrate into the host family life and adapt to our customs
  • You are interested in getting to know the UK and its culture
  • Can stay in the UK for 6 months up to 2 years (2 to 3 months for a summer Au Pair)

Regular Au Pairs

Will assist the family for 25 hours per week and babysit for up to 2 evenings per week. They have at least 2 free days per week (usually weekends) and must receive a minimum of £60 per week pocket money. This is good for Au Pairs who want a lot of free time for studying and sightseeing.

An Au Pair plus will assist the family for between 26 to 35 hours per week (from EU countries only) - carry out the same duties and have the same free time as our Au Pairs, but work for up to 35 hours per week. They should receive a minimum of £80 to £90 per week pocket money. Government guidelines state that any additional hours that the Au Pair plus assists should be paid at £3.50 per hour. We are happy to advise you on this matter further.

As an Au Pair coming to the UK you will be responsible for paying for your transport to come over to the UK. The host family will meet you at your destination whether it is at an airport, bus station, train station or port. Your new host family will help you look for suitable colleges/schools to help you enrol on courses to study English. Some colleges can charge you a fee, which could be around £200 a term. All college fees are your responsibility in paying for and not the responsibility of the host family, however, the host family may lend you the money which you can pay back on a weekly basis from your pocket money. Some host families will help pay towards the costs of college (normally for Au Pairs who stay 12 months +). If you are an Au Pair coming form an EU country and there are Adult Education Centres near to your host families' home then you may be entitled to free classes/lessons and only have to pay for the exam fees.

To register with Sunflower Au Pair Agency and find your Au Pair placement please use the link at the bottom of this page to complete the registration form. Whether you are in your own country or already in the UK you will need to email us on with:

  • a recent photo of yourself
  • 2 references
  • medical record information
  • Police check.
  • A letter to the family about yourself, family, where you live, hobbies, future careers and your experience of looking after children and why you want to be an Au Pair.

If you need any advice please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Mother's Helps

Sunflower Au Pair Agency also supplies Mother’s helps.

You should have a wider range of childcare experience and be able to assist the parent for up to 40 hours per week. Usually a parent is at home with the children and she wants another pair of hands to help with the childcare and housework. Although less experience is required to work under supervision as a Mother's help it is important to like children and to be flexible about duties. These positions will suit applicants who wish to earn more money and attend English classes in the evening.

Typical duties expected of a Mother's help are:

  1. Assisting the mother with the daily routine from the time the children get up until they are in bed.
  2. Sorting and putting laundry in the washing machine and tumble dryer, then putting away clean clothes.
  3. Going with the family to the country for weekends and holidays.
  4. Time off is at least one and half to two days and evenings per week.
  5. Some families may require a Mother's help to have sole charge of the children and do housework unsupervised.
  6. Mother’s helps are not expected to take sole charge of a newborn or very young baby.
  7. Mother's Help can be live-in or live out.
  8. Mother's Help can expect to be paid £100 - £200 per week, depending on the hours and conditions. Please call us to discuss further on 0208 245 4789.
  9. Assisting with shopping and cooking, cleaning children's rooms and play areas (light housework). Most households employ cleaners for the heavy work.
  10. Playing with and entertaining children creatively, taking them to nursery school or approved play schemes, babysitting once or twice a week. You may also be asked to drive.

Terms and Conditions for Au Pairs and Mother’s Helps

(1) You will confirm that you have read all the written material provided by the Sunflower Au Pair Agency in my home country, and that you are eligible to be an Au Pair. You will understand that the Au Pair programme is not a contract of work, but that you are required to show a high degree of responsibility and to take your duties seriously.

(2) You will confirm that you have answered all questions honestly and that all the information that you have supplied is true.

(3) You will agree to stay in close contact with sunflower agency after submitting your application form. You will agree not to travel to your host family until you have received an official confirmation of placement; this is usually in the form of an invitation letter from the Sunflower Au Pair Agency.

(4) You shall familiarise yourself with all visa requirements (if any) and obtain necessary documentation.

(5) You will agree to pay all costs for language courses and travel, to and from host country; including debts incurred telephone bills. You will also agree to bring money for emergency expenses.

(6) You will agree to abide by all rules set by the host family, for example, in relation to not smoking, use of the telephone, visitors and so on. During your stay you shall behave in a manner which does not reflect badly on your host family, host agency and Sunflower Au Pair Agency.

(7) You will realise that the success of your Au Pair stay depends on your own initiative and you will agree to integrate yourself in family life and to communicate openly with the family should any problems arise and to actively seek a solution.

(8) If no solution can be reached, and you decide to leave the family, you will agree to give 14 days notice. You will also agree to contact the Agency prior to leaving the host family.

(9) You will agree that on arrival at the host family you shall discuss in detail with your host family, the daily and weekly routine, and yours and their expectations of you as an Au Pair.  You will also agree to let Sunflower Au Pair  Agency know of any future holiday/travel arrangements.

(10) You shall carry out my childcare/light housework duties to a high standard. You agree to keep your room clean and tidy and to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Your Au Pair duties may be the following:-

  • Machine wash clothes
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathroom, kitchen floor, communal areas and children's rooms
  • Ironing and polishing, care for pets, washing up, bed making
  • Babysitting, sole charge of children overnight
  • Prepare/Cook light meals for children and family
  • Breakfast for children
  • Bring and collect children to and from school/nursery

(11) You agree to seek the advice of the host family before administering any form of discipline. You will also understand that under no circumstances should you hit the children, shout at them or leave them on their own regardless of their ages.

(12) You agree to maintain confidentiality and not to discuss details of your host family's private life.

Submission of your Au Pair application form to Sunflower Au Pair Agency constitutes acceptance of the above Au Pair agreement.

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Contact our team on +44 (0)208 245 4789 or click here to email and we will be more than happy to help you
We are available 24hrs - 7 days week

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